WHO?     Mid-South Men's Health Organization is proud to present our 6th installment of Bowling for Balls (B4B).  B4B is a charity fundraiser created to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

What?     4-person teams will compete for prizes, pride, and the chance to have their names engraved and memorialized on the Douglas Cup.

When?      Sunday August 20th at 2pm

Where?     Billy Hardwick's All-Star Lanes on Quince and White Station

Why?     In the early days of our existence we decided to host a small event to raise a few bucks and open some eyes to the reality of testicular cancer.  Well, to make a long story short, it ended up being (at the time) the most successful event in our short history.  We originally planned on donating the proceeds to the Testicular Cancer Society until we were informed of a local college student who had battled the disease and was in need of assistance.  Without hesitation the decision was made to direct the proceeds to this young man.  

The act of giving and helping a young man in need had such a profound affect on us that we decided that day we would donate proceeds of the bowling tournament to an individual enduring the struggle.   Every year the tournament champions have their names eternally  etched onto the "Douglas Cup" which earned its namesake to honor of the tournaments original inspiration..  So, sign up today and do your part!